National library Radoje Domanovic Leskovac

Bulevar oslobodjenja 61, 16000 Leskovac

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With its basic functions, the National Library "Radoje Domanovic" for almost half a century with this name has the opportunity to be an important factor in cultural life, and thus the overall development of Leskovac as the center of the Jablanica district.


To become the main initiator and creator of the cultural ambience of the city and the cultural and information center of the local community. We have built our success so far on the basis of the knowledge and abilities of our employees. In order to keep pace with the faster development of information and communication technologies, we create an environment in which we value the opinion of each employee, and our vision is to connect creativity and innovation with the best library business practice.


The library, as the bearer of the library-information system in the area of Jablanica district, wants to re-evaluate in the right way in accordance with modern trends in librarianship and return to focus library centers which, despite the conditions in which they operate, have a very important role in southern Serbia. With its mission, it wants to be in the function of the cultural life of the community, personal, social and professional development of the citizens.


In order to successfully perform the entrusted tasks, the employees of the Library are committed to: care for users and their needs, care for the development of libraries in Jablanica district, promotion of native and Serbian culture, care for native material and the Legacy of Nikolai Timchenko, digitization of native material and old rare books of local cultural heritage, freedom of access to all information sources, use of information and communication technologies, commitment to lifelong learning for personal development and prosperity of the institution.


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