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Obala Marka Martinovica, Perast

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With its ideal spatial arrangement and wonderful ambience, Perast Museum offers nowadays, one can freely say, perfect conditions for staging cultural events which attract visitors in the same way as the permanent Museum display does. Such space is exceptionally important for the development of Perast and its proper evaluation.

The holdings of Perast Museum is classified as maritime, ethnographic and historical-art collection, with its sub-collections, under the auspices of which there are also the holdings of Visković family memorial museum (their archives and library), Pears Municipality Archives, Elementary School Archives and Perast Museum library.

It is through Museum objects from the maritime collection, which are put on display on the ground-floor of the Museum – model ships, ship-navigational aids, charts and one part of the exhibited weapons from the ethnographic collection, that a visitor becomes acquainted with the most important facts related to maritime affairs and the way of life of the Town through past centuries.

Perast Museum, with its objects, stands witness the interests and needs of the inhabitants of Perast for artistic satisfaction, as well as for the acceptance of all modern trends coming from the West. Lavishly dressed inhabitants of Perast depicted on the paintings, but also salons, mirrors and parts of the furniture displayed in the Museum, which once adorned the interiors of Perast palaces, all bear witnesses to that.


Muzej Grada Perasta

Muzej Grada Perasta