Terms & conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Please read these General Terms and Conditions carefully before using the virtualculture.io website in order to make a purchase of the products or use a services on it. By using the virtualculture.io website for the purpose of purchasing or collecting information about the products, or use services on it, you confirm that you are familiar with these General Terms and Conditions, and that you agree with it.



These Terms and Conditions determine the relationship between Visitors, Buyers and Sellers, and in relation to the terms and manner of ordering products, product prices, payment, delivery, product quality, complaints, returns and delivery, personal data protection and other issues related to the use of virtualculture.io and online shopping.



- Seller: VLADAN TRKULJA PR COMPUTER PROGRAMMING SANATEC7 NIŠ , from Niš, Zaječarska 39, +381637145076;

registered in SERBIA under registration number 65531593, VAT 111602220, activity code 6201 - Computer programming       

- virtualculture.io : Website owned by the Seller;    

- info@virtualculture.io : Email owned by the Seller;  

- Customer / User: a person who registers his personal data via electronic means of communication, uses a free account or orders / pays for at least one product offered on the virtualculture.io website;         

- Website visitor: a person who accesses virtualculture.io by means of electronic communication , and without registering, freely views the prominent product offer;         

- Use of virtualculture.io : access to the virtualculture.io site in order to obtain information about its content, offer, products and / or realization of the Internet store, use of free and paid content published on the site;         

- Online shopping: making purchases of products through virtualculture.io ;         

- Retail price: price that is displayed with each product and is expressed in currencies RSD and EUR without expressed VAT, since the business entity is not in the VAT system;         

- Accepted offer: offer on which the payment was made;         

- Products: all products featured on virtualculture.io, which can be purchased through online shopping;         

- Content includes: all information from the website that can be accessed in any way, the content of each e-mail sent by the Seller to Users, information regarding the products, services and / or tariffs of the Seller in a particular period, information about products, services and / or tariffs applied by a third party with which the Seller has concluded contracts, in a certain period, information about the Seller .         

- Service: e-commerce service exclusively on publicly available parts of the Site, in terms of providing users with the opportunity to contract products and / or services using exclusively electronic means, including other means of distance communication;         

- Transaction: payment or refund of the amount of payment after the Seller has sold the product / service to the User, using the services of an intermediary in card payment accepted by the Seller, by bank transfer, or in some third way allowed by the Seller regardless of delivery;         


Meaning of terms stated in these Terms (singular words include the plural and vice versa, unless the context otherwise requires).

Article 1

This agreement defines the rights, obligations, relationship of the contracting parties, privacy policy as well as the manner of concluding this agreement between the contracting parties, regarding the use of the Virtual Culture service by the User.


Article 2

The contract is concluded between the Seller and the Buyer / User (legal or natural person) on a monthly and annual basis, as well as in the period when the Virtual Culture services are available online depending on the selected or buyed content. The customer pays for the use of the Virtual Culture service, by purchasing certain content or a monthly / annual subscription , displayed on the website. The contract is concluded via the Internet site virtualculutre.io . The Buyer agrees that he has read this Agreement by marking it during registration, that he is familiar with it and that he agrees with the Terms and Conditions. After activating the User Account, the Agreement is considered concluded and the Customer becomes the Service User.

If the User receives a temporary or trial use of a user account from the sales staff , and within a marketing campaign or other sales activity in which the User does not register on the site independently, the contract will be considered concluded after the user first accesses the Virtual Culture service in trial period.


Article 3

The Seller undertakes to enable the Buyer to use the Internet service Virtual Culture for the duration of this contract . Unobstructed use of the service is considered to be:

1.  Virtual Culture service available via the Internet at virtualculture.io.

2. The calculation of availability time does not include periods in which the service is not available due to announced works on the infrastructure or software of the service, unexpected works on the infrastructure or software due to changes in legislation or interruptions in work on infrastructure not under the direct control of the Service Seller .

3. The Internet platform Virtual Culture, owned by the Seller, allows the User to easily search and view the content of virtual content of cultural institutions and other organizations from the Western Balkans region.

4. The Seller is obliged to promptly and regularly inform the User about all changes on the platform, all legal changes that could affect the use of the service, all improvements to the service, as well as all interruptions in use, regardless of the reason for them.

The User is able to warn the Seller of any irregularities or malfunctions in the service and to receive an explanation from the Seller. The Seller is obliged to ensure the security of data flow between the User and the Virtual Culture service via security protocols (HTTPS) . Before the expiration of the Contract, the Seller may inform the User of the expiration date of the Contract and submit to him a proforma invoice for the payment of a new annual package.


Article 4

The Seller undertakes to keep all data of the User, including personal and business data, business data and especially financial in secret, to treat them as a business secret and not to disclose, sell or sell them in any case or in any other way allow third parties access to them, unless they are requested by the authorities officially.

Exceptions to paragraph one of this Article are data that became public at the time of concluding the contract or after the conclusion of the contract and as such became available on public services such as the SRBS website, the NBS website or other public services. The Seller reserves the right to collect statistical data generated by the use of the service by the User exclusively for the purpose of improving the service. The statistical data do not include specific personal or business data such as data on the User's clients and other data that can be considered a business secret. All collected statistics will be stored and processed exclusively anonymously.


Article 5

The contracting parties agree that the Seller's liability may not exceed the amount of the annual fee paid by the User to the Seller in the name of the fee for the use of the Virtual Culture service in the current year. The Seller cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of data that may be caused to the user, directly or indirectly, materially or not materially, due to the use of the Virtual Culture service, and especially due to possible hacker attacks or other circumstances beyond the Seller's direct control. The User undertakes not to legally harass the Seller in any way on this basis.


Article 6

The user is obliged, in order to use the service smoothly, to provide all the technical prerequisites for the use of the Virtual Culture web service , namely: computer / tablet / mobile phone, good internet connection and an adequate Internet browser. The user undertakes to use the service in accordance with current regulations and laws of the Republic of Serbia and to refrain from all illegal activities. That is, if User encounters a problem, to inform the Seller about it and ask for his solution. User also refrains from spreading negative rumors and comments about the service and the Seller that are not based on the real state of affairs, especially if he has not previously tried to solve the same problem in direct communication with the Seller .


Article 7

In the event that the User tries to commit an illegal act, in terms of criminal acts, both against the Seller and other Users, not authorized access to the data of the Seller or other Users, does not use the service in accordance with its purpose, interferes with other users work and the like - the Seller reserves the right to temporarily or permanently disable the User's access to the Virtual Culture service , file a lawsuit against the User, terminate this Agreement unilaterally and demand compensation in full.


Article 8

This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time. Either Contracting Party may terminate this Agreement at its sole discretion with prior notice to the other Party of 30 days. Notice of termination of the Agreement may be made in writing or by email to the email addresses of the User recorded in the User Account or the official email address of the Seller. If the User terminates the contract before the expiration of a period of up to one year from the last payment, without the Seller violating the articles of this Agreement, the Seller is not obliged to make a proportional refund to the User. If the User terminates the contract before the expiration of a period of one year from the date of the last payment due to breach of this Agreement by the Seller, the Seller is obliged to make a proportional refund to the User for the remaining period until which the User was entitled to use the service. The Seller has the right to terminate this contract before its expiration and without notice if the user does not comply with the provisions of this Agreement. In that case, the Seller is not obliged to make a proportional refund to the User. If the User has not caused the termination of this Agreement, the Seller may terminate this Agreement with prior notice to the User in accordance with this Agreement, whereby he is obliged to make a proportional refund to the User.


Article 9

The Seller reserves the right to change the content of this Agreement without the prior consent of the User, of which it must notify the User by email at least 7 days before the changes occur. The User may accept the changes or decide to terminate the Agreement subject to the provisions of Article 8 of this Agreement. The User may not transfer this Agreement to another person without prior notice and written consent of the Seller. The Seller may transfer this Agreement to another legal entity, without the prior consent of the User.


Article 10

This Agreement may be terminated in case of force majeure, as well as in the event of changed circumstances beyond the control of the parties, which significantly impede the performance of their obligations. Circumstances that represent force majeure and that as such prevent the fulfillment of the obligation of the contracting parties are considered in particular: changes in legal regulations, war, civil war, natural disasters, general strike, large-scale epidemics, natural disasters and other circumstances beyond influence and control contracting parties, which as such prevent the fulfillment of contractual obligations. In the event of circumstances constituting force majeure, the party affected by force majeure shall immediately notify the other party that it is unable to perform its obligations. If the Contracting Parties determine that due to circumstances constituting force majeure, the performance of the contractual obligations is permanently prevented, the Contracting Parties shall terminate this Agreement. If the Contracting Parties determine that the obligations can be performed, but with significant damage suffered by one or both Contracting Parties, they shall jointly decide to amend the provisions of the Contract. If the contracting parties cannot agree on circumstances which constitute force majeure, or if they cannot reach an agreement in terms of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the provisions of the Agreement on the manner of resolving disputes shall apply. In the event of termination of the contract due to force majeure or aggravated circumstances, each party shall retain the benefits received under this Agreement. A Contracting Party which is in arrears and which has fallen into arrears before the occurrence of circumstances constituting force majeure may not invoke force majeure, nor aggravated circumstances which prevent or significantly impede the performance of obligations.


Article 11

By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the user or the buyer declares that he is familiar with and agrees with all Terms and ConditionsMethods of payment and delivery Security of online shoppingProtection of personal data

Article 12 

The contracting parties agree to resolve any disputes that may arise in the interpretation and execution of this agreement or in connection with the execution of this agreement amicably. In the event that the contracting parties cannot resolve the dispute amicably, they agree to entrust the dispute to the competent court in Nis.

Terms of Business

General conditions

These Terms and Conditions for Internet Purchase VLADAN TRKULJA PR COMPUTER PROGRAMMING SANATEC7 NIŠ (hereinafter: "Seller") define the conditions, rights and obligations of the Seller and the Buyer in the purchase of goods in the process of ordering, payment, delivery, return and reclamation for goods purchase on the Seller's website.  

- Seller: VLADAN TRKULJA PR COMPUTER PROGRAMMING SANATEC7 NIŠ , from Niš, Zaječarska 39, +381637145076;

registered in SERBIA under registration number 65531593, VAT 111602220, activity code 6201 - Computer programming       

- virtualculture.io : Website owned by the Seller;    

- info@virtualculture.io : Email owned by the Seller;  


- Buyer of goods is any legal or natural person who puts at least one product in the card via the seller's website, pays by credit card.           

- Seller 's website is virtualculture.io;         

- Retail and / or special prices are expressed on the Seller's website ;         

- The payment currency is the Serbian dinar (RSD) , while the prices are also shown in the euro (EUR) currency .         



Products are ordered by adding the item to the card on the Seller's website. After adding the item to the cart, the Buyer can continue to search and add new items or complete the purchase and payment for the selected items. Before payment, the Buyer must enter personal and contact information. The seller requires only personal data for the orderly execution of the sale.

The methods of delivery and activation, as well as the delivery time are described in detail on the page Methods of payment and delivery . The buyer can pay for the goods with cards. Detailed payment terms are described througt the Payment and Delivery Methods. Payment by card is made through the payment card processor Banka Intesa Belgrade, which guarantees security for all transactions. Prior to the completion of the order, the Buyer is obliged to confirm that he accepts the terms of this online store defined through the general terms of purchase .        

The delivery time , bearing in mind that this is digital content, is immediate . Delivery times are subject to change, and the Seller will notify the Buyer of any change. If the Seller is not able to deliver all the ordered products, it will notify the Buyer by e-mail or telephone. The product is delivered in access to the content on the website , to which the User registers, which allows him to use the product online. In agreement with the Buyer, if the license for the product is not delivered, the Seller will try to solve this impossibility as soon as possible. If this is not possible, the invoice and purchase order will be canceled.

Returns policy

The Buyer may send a complaint or inquiry to the Seller by mail to the Seller's address or by e-mail. The Seller's contact details, which are also the contact details of the customer service, are highlighted on the Contact page. The Seller will refund the money only after it is determined within a reasonable time that he could not enable the Buyer to use the Virtual Culture platform normally .

The buyer is not entitled to unilateral termination of the contract if:

- the Seller has fully fulfilled the service contract, and the fulfillment began with the explicit prior consent of the Buyer, with his confirmation that he is aware of the fact that he will lose the right to unilateral termination of the contract if the service is fully fulfilled;         

- the subject of the service contract whose price depends on changes in the financial market, which are beyond the influence of the Seller, and which may occur during the duration of the buyer's right to unilateral termination of the contract;         

- the subject of the service contract which is made according to the customer's specification or which is clearly adjusted to the customer;         

- the subject of the contract is the delivery of digital content that is not delivered on a physical medium, if the fulfillment of the contract began with the explicit prior consent of the consumer and his confirmation that he is aware of the fact that he will lose the right to unilateral termination;         

- In accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection, the buyer is responsible for any impairment of the purchased product that results from the handling of the purchased product. The seller determines the conditions of return and the percentage reduction of the amount to be returned to the buyer due to the impairment of the product. In case of return of goods and return of funds to the customer who previously paid for one of the payment cards, in part or in full, regardless of the reason for return, SANATEC7 is obliged to make a refund exclusively through VISA, EC / MC and Maestro payment methods, which means that the bank will, at the request of the seller, refund the funds to the cardholder's account.         

- In accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection, the buyer has rights to cancel contract in period of 14 days, for any reasons.

Saller, throug Virtual Culture product pages will inform the Customer of the specific characteristics of certain products for which technical characteristics is not possible to verify functionality without handling the product.

The Buyer is obliged to look at the characteristics of the products listed in the offer on the Seller's website.

The customer should review the product, its nature, features and functionality. If the Buyer notices any defect, it is necessary to inform the Seller as soon as possible and return the product without use, because any further handling of the product implies that the Buyer is satisfied with it.


General warranty condition

The seller undertakes to provide an overview of the content with instructions for use and access to the platform. The Seller is obliged to post this instruction on the web portal virtualculture.io. When exercising the right to a warranty, it is necessary to provide a detailed description of the defect in order to facilitate the inspection of the product itself. 

Replacement of products during the Contract is possible only if the User wants to upgrade his existing package. For this service, the User must pay the difference in money, defined on the web portal.

The warranty does not cover defects, damage and malfunctions caused by improper and improper handling.

In accordance with the Law, the Seller excludes liability for the defect and limits the right to terminate the contract due to a defect for which he could not have known at the time of sale of the product. The defect is confirmed by the seller's own service. The buyer has the right to terminate the contract if the seller is unable to rectify the defect. The seller undertakes to resolve the warranty service within a reasonable period of time in such a way that the product will be repaired or replaced with a product of equal or better characteristics that are relevant and relevant to that type of product. The duration of the service depends on the nature and method of repair, most service requests will be processed within 30 days. THE WARRANTY IS VALID ONLY WITH THE PRESENTED INVOICE FOR PURCHASED GOODS. Confirmation of prior notice By accepting these terms, you acknowledge that you have received prior notice.

Methods of payment and delivery (Payment policy)

Products are ordered by selecting and filling out an electronic form on the virtualculture.io website. The product is considered ordered when the customer goes through the entire ordering process.

Payment for ordered products can be made with payment cards.

With a one-time payment by payment cards on virtualculutre.io , SANATEC7 uses the services of Banca Intesa Belgrade and the entire payment process takes place on the side of the bank. When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted via the public network in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocols and PKI systems, as currently the most modern cryptographic technology.

Data security during the purchase is guaranteed by the payment card processor, Banca Intesa Belgrade, so the complete billing process is performed on the bank's website. At no time is payment card information available to our system.


If the customer has not received the information necessary to make the payment, or has not received notification that the contract was concluded after the ordering process, we recommend that you check whether:

- whether the messages in the Junk / Spam / Trash / Trash folder or    

- whether the mailbox or inbox is full.         


Delivery times

The ordered products are delivered immediately after the visible payment in the system of the Seller. 


Delivery price

Delivery is free, as it is a virtual product.


Security of online shopping

Many internet users still do not feel safe when ordering and shopping online. We would like to highlight the guarantees that our company guarantees when buying our products.


In case of return of goods and return of funds to the customer who previously paid for one of the payment cards, in part or in full, regardless of the reason for return, SANATEC7 is obliged to make a refund exclusively through VISA, EC / MC and Maestro payment methods, which means that the bank will, at the request of the seller, refund the funds to the cardholder's account.


Our products are quality and "domestic"

The Virtual Culture Platform was developed in the Republic of Serbia. When creating and developing, we pay attention to the high quality of texts, illustrations, designs and, of course, the implementation process.


Simplified and secure payment methods

When ordering our products, payment is made in the most secure way over which you have complete control. You can make the payment with a payment card when we redirect you to the page of the service provider, processing and payment from the cards - Banca Intesa Belgrade.

When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted via the public network in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocols and PKI systems, as currently the most modern cryptographic technology.

Data security during the purchase is guaranteed by the payment card processor, Banca Intesa Belgrade, so the complete billing process is performed on the bank's website. At no time is payment card information available to our system.


Open communication and accessibility

Our friendly employees are accessible and available for all questions. Feel free to contact us via the data / form on the link: contact us . 

There is no misuse of personal data

We undertake to use the personal data you enter exclusively for business purposes and, as well as for the purpose of improving your user experience. You can read more about the protection of personal data on the page on privacy and security of personal data . 


We respect the Law on Consumer Protection of the Republic of Serbia

SANATEC7, which owns the site virtualculture.io, acting in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act - the law of the Republic of Serbia that protect the basic rights of consumers when purchasing goods and services, as well as in other forms of acquisition of goods and services on the market. 

Protection of personal data

To protect customers' personal data on the website virtualculture.io responsible owner and service provider: VLADAN TRKULJA PR COMPUTER PROGRAMMING SANATEC7 NIS , from Nis, Zajecar 39, entered in the SRBA under the number 65531593, VAT 111602220 ;


Your personal information when making a purchase

What personal information are we looking for to complete the purchase process?

If you make a purchase on the virtualculture.io website, we require you to have your full name, country, street, city, postal code, telephone, e-mail address and optional company name, and the system will also "remember" certain online identifiers (cookie, IP address, Google Analytics code, remarketing code).

The system also provides the possibility of registration, where you are asked for a username or e-mail and password, with which your personal data is remembered for the next purchase and protected in the system. By entering your username / e-mail and password, you log in to your profile page where you can access, change, update or completely delete your personal data.


How and why do we process this personal data?

Execution of a purchase is actually the conclusion of a distance sales contract between the buyer and the seller, all in accordance with the Law, so we store the personal data in our e-Commerce software system and process it solely for the purpose of "executing the contract in which the respondent is the buyer take action at the request of the buyer before concluding the contract ”.


Who has access to your personal information and why?

On behalf of SANATEC7, we are committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers. We collect only the necessary, basic data on customers / users and data necessary for business and informing users in accordance with good business practices and in order to provide quality service. We give customers a choice including the ability to decide whether or not they want to be deleted from the mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All customer data is strictly kept and is available only to employees who need this information to do the job. All SANATEC7 employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection. Outside the necessary process of executing the sales contract, we do not transfer or share your personal data with third parties.


For what period is personal data stored and processed?

We store your personal data for a period determined by applicable laws and regulations, but this data will not be processed for other purposes.


You have the right to information about the processing of your personal data

At your request, we will inform you how personal data about you is processed and what exactly the data is. You have the right to modify, delete or restrict the processing of personal data. You also have the right to access the information you have provided to us in a structured and legible format. We are obliged to respond to your request within 30 days from the date of receipt.

For all additional questions you can contact us by email info@virtualculture.io or via our contact page.


Your personal information and advertising

When you enter an email address during the visit and use the website virtualculture.io , are deemed to have given their permission to the company SANATEC7 to your e-mail address may occasionally send information about special offers, discounts, new products and services. We store and process the specified personal data (e-mail address) in the system for sending an electronic newsletter - newsletter.


The right to revoke permits

You can revoke your permission at any time online (via the cancellation link on the newsletter) or in writing by sending an email request to info@virtualculture.io. 


Online identifiers that are collected automatically

For the purpose of collecting statistics on visits to our website, in order to optimize our offer accordingly, as well as for the purposes of digital advertising to interested customers, certain online identifiers are collected, ie visitor data which are then used anonymously for this purpose.

Google Analytics code

The virtualculture.io page implements Google Analytics code for measuring page traffic and visitor behavior on the page, which retrieves the following data from your web browser:

- request (file name of the requested file)         

- type of web browser / version         

- search engine language         

- operating system         

- internal resolution in the browser window         

- screen resolution         

- JavaScript enabled         

- Java on / off         

- cookies on / off         

- color depth         

- reference URL (previously visited pages)         

- IP address - deleted immediately after the visit         

- access time and duration         

- clicks / behavior on the page         

By using this site, you agree to the processing of your data through Google, in the manner described above and for the aforementioned purpose. If you do not want your information to be transmitted to Google when you visit the website, you can use deactivating add-ons.  



A cookie is information recorded on a personal computer at the time of viewing the website you have visited. Cookies are easier to use, as they record your website settings (language or address) and reactivate them when you restart. In this way, the information is tailored to your needs and common uses.

From simple setup information, cookies can also store a large amount of personal information that you must fully access. If you have not enabled them, cookies cannot access the files on your computer. Cookie recording and sending activities are not visible to you, however you can select the option of approving / rejecting requests to save cookies, delete saved cookies and other activities related to the use of cookies in the settings of the selected internet browser. 


Google Remarketing code

This website uses Google Remarketing, an Internet advertising service within Google Inc. (“Google”). Google and third parties place advertisements on the Website and use cookies to display advertisements based on the user's previous visits to our Website. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by you without your express consent. You can disable the use of Google cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser by visiting www.google.de/privacy/ads and clicking the "opt-out" button. You can find more information about Google's terms at www.google.com/intl/de/privacy .   

By using this website, you agree to the use of the so-called cookies to enable the collection, storage and use of your user data. You also agree to the storage of data in cookies at the end of the browser session, so that the next time you visit the page they may be displayed again. This consent can be revoked at any time by changing your browser settings so that it refuses to accept cookies. For details, see the description / instructions of your browser.