National Museum of Montenegro

Novice Cerovića, Cetinje, Montenegro

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The National Museum of Montenegro is a museum of a complex type consisting of several organizational units: the Historical Museum, which includes a permanent exhibition in the Government House, the Museum of King Nikola, the Museum of Peter II Petrovic Njegos, Njegos 'birth house, Njegos' mausoleum in Lovcen, the mausoleum of Bishop Danilo on Eagle Karst and Relief of Montenegro; Art Museum with the Gallery of Contemporary Art "Miodrag Dado Djuric" and Atelier DADO; Ethnographic Museum and the newly established Archaeological Museum with Lapidarium. Museums are housed in buildings that are cultural and historical monuments of the greatest importance. The Government House building, built in 1910 in the neo-Renaissance style, is today the administrative seat of the National Museum, which houses the permanent exhibits of the History and Art Museum.


Art museum

Art museum -The National Museum of Montenegro

King Nicholas Museum

King Nicholas Museum - National Museum of Montenegro

Njegos's Billiards

Njegos's Billiards - National Museum of Montenegro

Archaeological collection

Archaeological collection - The National Museum of Montenegro


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